Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's been a while...

since I have been on this blog. I nearly forgotten about it actually.

Holiday is surprisingly boring when you are unemployed and have some seriously boring asian friends. You do have to love the way that you spent more time on ABC iview and SBS website watching of people cooking then you actually seeing real people whom are not your family members.

It is time for me to hit the two birds with one stone by promoting this amazing photographer zemotion.

What I love about her portraits of beautiful girls, is that every photo is so expressive in thier emotion yet exudes fragility and beauty. The colours or lighting used in the photographs are extraordinary as they always highlights the best feature of the designs or the model themselves. I was inspired by so many of the photographs when I am designing that I am actually considering them as my muse. All in all, amazing photographer, zemotion.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I didn't even remember that I changed my blog heading, quite a pleasant surprise.

Sorry to this blog, i did promise myself that I would do more things to u but I guess being an assignment handing machine is harder than I expected. Otherwise, lets get a move on.

Here's my beauties:

List 5 thing that you learnt:
  1. No matter what you do, get the building that you really like and try and look for it at the library. You may be surprise by what our library have. (express intense hardcore love to the library)
  2. Be nice to photoshop, so give that darling a little bit more time when you open 15 2mb sized photoes, it is ok that it is slow. NEVER CLOSE ANYTHING, just wait, and the old girl will treat you well.

  3. I need to get some money, then get a scanner, then the new photoshop which is not in a foreign language so that there's no need to translate online tutorials, ok, i lied, I didn't use any online tutorials, but having photoshop in english would be nice.

  4. Play around with the images first and see how everything flows. Flow is really important as it makes the boards looks good.

  5. Plan your concept boards if you want to have a happy time. I didn't plan the template initially and it took me a day to admit that my original template was garbage, then I got frustrated and did my collage and creative in half the time.

  6. Add one more since no. 3 is not a serious one. A good photoshopped work takes time. Really, a lot of time. Those who did them in 2 hours either lied, or are photoshop mad.

I convinced myself that the collage concept board was the one that communicated my concept since it was the first one that i completed, and that it was really pretty. But Lea was right, it didn't have as much of the concept. So now, my final choice would be the creative because the cool blue and the changing facade can be seen more clearly. Plue it is a tree!

This is the first part of my synopsis since i'm being lazy and I hate reading over and editing something which I wrote weeks ago. Sorry.

Novartis Campus – Forum 3 is an interesting building that appears to change constantly. Located in Basel, Switzerland, it is the first building completed on the campus, designed by various designers, but notably Diener & Diener, Hemlut Federle and Gerold Wiedrein. It is famous for the patchwork like layering of rectangularly shaped coloured glass which creates a floating, unfocused, pixelated effect, reflecting the surrounding environment. As a result, the building’s smooth façade reacts to the different lights depending on the angle, distance and time of which it is viewed. The angular glass pieces exude a cool blue presence highlighted by multicoloured glass pieces. The general shape of the building is also rectangular but is soften by the visual illusion of glass. The design is minimal and modern, an interesting juxtaposition against other historic buildings around the area. From the reflection of tree through the glass windows, the extensive use of wood in the interior, the plant rooms and the large tree situated within the building, it is obvious that nature and sustainability is a key aspect of Forum 3. Sharp straight lines developed from the glass façade become more organic and curved when approaching the interior while the colour also appears more natural, from the transparent blue to the solid cream, dark grey, brown and green.

Alright. Got to continue on smocking, while watching tv. (insert smirk)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Remember to do it Cinnie. You can do it.
  • List 5 things you have learned from assessment 1
  • Post all 3 concept boards on blog, explain which board communacates your concept and why
  • Bring 1 skirt DDS scan

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Over busy

In no mood and time for a long post, but this dress is heaps awesome. Oh, the colour, the bead, the fact that I will look terrible in it.


Saturday, March 27, 2010


Working on the blog title thing was a nightmare. I was a woman possessed by alien rabbit which forces me do make it better and better until it is just too ugly for me to continue fixing.
I worked on it from 6pm-7.30pm, then 9.30pm-11.30pm, till 12am-1.30am, just like an idiot.
First try:

  1. Grabbed one of the million sky photograph that I took when i had the sky phase, played with the curve/ lighting and filtered it to make a cartoonish feel
  2. Cutted out an image of a fly and a bee, filtered it too
  3. Got font for EinniE on and got the Conversation honeybee font somewhere...years ago... it just had been in my thumbdrive for years
  4. Got this texture years ago from another website which i can't remember of and dumped it on to try and fix this ugly mess. I also discovered that I also have some hair textures and I add a little bit of that too.
  5. Enter light depression when discovering how cool other people's blog are. Scrape that design after remembering that my blog's background colour was yellow.

Second try: Basically the same thing as before but airbrushed the edge, change the font, still very boring. Beginning to question my level of creativity so it is immediately destroyed. Oh, and realized that my computer doesn't have winzip, so that was fun.

Third try: Now we're talking.

So, same font, added shadow. Played with the curve again to give a lighter look. Created a layer of light grey with opacity on at 7% then made the stain light to imitate bee hive. Added an age old drawing of a dress. Gotten another layer and did some more textures.
Then realized that I don't really want people to look at my old drawings since everyone would think that i'm copying good old Timmy and his thin drawings. I love the colour though. Makes me think of the world. Sad that i can't fit convo honeybee in so must die.

Fourth try:
Suddenly remembered my little doodle in class on monday and went "Oh yea". So i took it, grabbed it, youcamed it, super curved it, magic wanded it and dumped it on. Realized that the bee hive will be too busy so took that out, the girl will be too bright so took that out. Coloured his togue cause the image need some red. Randomly air brush and play around till I got this baby looking its best. Fixed the edge and declare a well good night.

No as pretty as I want, but then beggers can't be choosers.

Sister figured that the font of EinniE is too solid so might fix it again on easter.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Breathing, seem to be a little thing (?) that becomes a common inspiration lately. Florence and the machine has a song on it (Between Two Lungs), the Sydney Dance Company’s New Creation has a part call 6 Breaths and the art world seems to always have some sort of obsession with air and breathing, and who can forget Patrick Süskind's Perfume, one of my favourite books.

As a smell person I always relish the ability to breath and feel the world. Sometimes when I walk by a crowd of people and catch a wisp of familiar perfume, I would run over my memories of different smell from my childhood, identify it, and smile like an idiot. Thus I wonder, is nostalgia the reason for people’s interest? Or is it the fact that each breath is killing us? If that’s true, does it mean that every one of us have a hidden masochistic desire? Or as my sister said, have we as a creative individual, truly ran out of creative ideas that we have to return to our roots and indulge in the simplest thing in life?

If air has a colour, what will it be?

Something to be pondered about I’ll have to say.

Anyway, something related to design. Had a moment a few weeks back when I suddenly realized that the older generation’s dress style is actually quite interesting. A little theory that I had is that since they are older, they don’t care about the fashion sense of today and just wear the colour and style that suits them. And some of them really look great.

I saw this lady a week ago when I was about to walk past the crossing, the colour and print of the jumper was so awesome I have to take a photo.

Yesterday was the senior gala concert at the entertainment centre and I saw a group of old women dressed in red and purple and oddly enough I thought, “Oh my god that is a great combo on them!” Was a little bit sad that I didn’t get my phone out fast enough to take a photo to prove it.

So I say, take a look around you and serious admire the things that people wear, not just the hot young chicks and the handsome young guys.

There it goes, I have ranted and must do work again.
Oh, art month is coming to an end so go around quickly!
And a little preview/promise that I will type now so that I will have to do it later. I will write an article on T-shirt/skin and the intricate combination of art and fashion. Those who might have hear me talking about the woman who is obsess with “liberating people from their skin/clothing” on the street by unpicking what they are wearing and then pinning it onto the wall or fence, that will be what I will type about. Will start on it as soon as I have time to find that article on that woman from this magazine at the library and scanning it.

Sorry about a post with so little images, I'm feeling a little bit down.

That’s all. Really need to start on the assignment now.

Friday, March 19, 2010


How to scan using the scanner at the library:
  1. Get a computer that is connected to a scanner
  2. Double-click on the scanner looking thing on the desktop
  3. Choose the resolution desired on the left hand side
  4. Place image onto scanner
  5. Click Scan
  6. Choose destination
  7. Save
  8. Done

Descreening reduces the amount of interferences (moire pattern) in a scanned image. It is important as it reduces the quality and clarity of the image, making it less visually appealing. The scanner I used does not have a descreen setting.

From the following images, I concluded that 75 DPI is enough for web as these images rarely needs to be viewed in such detail and upload time increase accordingly to size. 150 DPI is best for presentations as it is clear enough to show details but it is small enough to not take excess loading time, which can prolong the presentation too much and allowing attentions to drift away. 300 or more DPI are best for printing as it creates a better image when printed, and its size will be too big to do other things anyway.

These are 3 different resolution of the same image. All colour mode are RBG.


150DPI75 DPI

75 DPI300 DPI

300 DPI75 DPI